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BSIS Mandatory Training in Beach Areas, California

Shield Security Training Center Inc. in Beach Areas, California, offers a variety of courses for students, including BSIS mandatory training. Learn more about our security officer training and courses, and what students receive upon completion.

CPR Dummy


Utility Belt

First Aid & CPR

This class consists of First Aid training, where students will learn how to care for wounds, broken bones, and how to secure the area. CPR instruction provides training in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and hand movements while trying to revive the injured party. In addition, automatic external defibrillator training is provided to students, enabling them to learn how to start the heart after it stops beating.

Guard Registration Cards

Fire registration training occurs inside the classroom. Students are taught the rules and regulations authorized by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. An 8-hour class includes a true and false test. After completion of the training and passing the test, students receive certification and are fingerprinted.

Firearms Training

Firearms training requires students to attend a certified bureau of investigating school. Requirements include 16 hours of training, which is done over 2 days. On day 1, students learn the mandatory rules and regulations of the BSIS, the dos and don'ts of using a firearm, and how to carry a firearm properly while on duty. They also learn how to clean and break down a firearm. On day 2, students will be on the shooting range, learning how to fire the weapon while on the job site. Certification is then received.

Baton Training

Students learn thigh handle baton and straight handle baton practices. They are taught the rules and regulations regarding the use of the baton in the event that they have to protect themselves or someone else, and how to make an arrest safely using the baton. This is an 8-hour course and students will receive certification upon completion with a permit from BSIS.

BSIS Mandatory Training

These courses consist of observation and documentation, report-writing supervision, extended training on how to arrest, and courtroom demeanor. Students also receive communication and significance training. Many other courses are also available.

Chemical Agent Training

Taser Training

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